Wine Routes

An ancient vocation

In Italy the number of areas dedicated to the production of wine are both numerous and ancient, and range from Piemonte in the north to Sicily in the south. The wine routes are the name given to the project whose aim is the development of these areas. Enacted in Statute 268 of 27th July 1999, the objectives and principles of this important instrument of territorial development were fixed in law.
The wine routes are nothing but advertised and signposted rural pathways, immersed in natural environments of extraordinary beauty in which we find vineyards and wine cellars (single or consortiums) open to the public. These cellars and agricultural holdings are in fact the true protagonists of the countryside, and it is thanks to them that both the area and its wines can be placed on offer both as as a commercal product and as a multi-faceted touristic experience. It is possible nowadays to go to the wine cellar of your choice and see the process of wine-making in action, as well as to pursue recreactive, didactic and cultural activities similar to those offered in any country accomodation. In the end it is Italy itself with its infinite beauty which casts a spell on the visitor; a good glass of wine can only enhance the effect.