What my soul is doing while I’m working?

The MAGA Museum in Gallarate, near Varese, is hosting an exhibition of a selection of works from the Consolandi Collection in what promises to be a fascinating overview of the development of contemporary art from the 1950s until the present.

From the 14th November, only a few months after the death of the Milanese collector and art connoisseur, Paolo Consolandi, the MAGA Museum in Gallarate is paying him tribute through an exhibition which highlights the principal tendencies of contemporary Italian and international art. The works testify to his extraordinary sensitivity as a collector.
The exhibition: “What my soul is doing while I’m working? Contemporary works of art from the Consolandi Collection” puts on exhibit about 200 works by as many artists. The title is drawn from the work Fischli&Weiss and provides the guiding image of the exhibition, representing as it does Consolandi’s collection and indeed his personality.
In each of the seven thematic sections that the exhibition is divided into (Beyond matter, Horizons, Writing and Being written, Eclectic Dialogues, Body and mind, Portraits, self-portraits and others, Things), the earlier works are placed side by side with those of the more recent artists, many supported by Consolandi himself. In this way cronological analogies and critical intuition accompany the private (Consolandi) and the public (MAGA) collections, giving rise to comparisons which give proof of the cultural energy permeating Italy after the second world war.

For further information:
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