A land of saints, holy places and religious movements where the past, present and future meet

Umbria is a region on a human scale, full of natural and artistic beauties. A land of saints and religious movements, where the past, present and future meet to create a unique combination. In the cities’ historic centres throughout the area, the traces of important civilisations from the past are easy to find: the Etruscan culture, the Roman domination and the birth and development of communal centres that have left their marks on Orvieto, Spello and Città di Castello. Here, art-lovers will find easy access to the majority of Italian renaissance art and a large part of antique and medieval art. Indeed, within a radius of about 100 kilometres, numerous testimonies of the World’s artistic heritage can be found.

Orvieto, a picturesque city of art, is universally known for the ingenious San Patrizio well and for its magnificent cathedral. Spello rises at the foot of the Subsaio Mountain and is a picturesque agricultural city that hosts the remains of an arena, of walls and of three gates from the Roman times. Spoleto is also a city of great artistic interest and is situated in a beautiful hillside location and dominated by a fourteenth century rock, whilst Gubbio is a medieval city that is wonderfully preserved and full of artistic monuments, churches and buildings.

Obviously Assisi, in the heart of Umbria, is not to be missed being picturesque and in a very panoramic position. It is the city of peace and spiritual contemplation.

Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia (


In search of towns and places that conceal a history to discover in the city and its province. Proud of its historic tradition and wonderful traces from the past, Perugia can be admired from thousands of perspectives in which the past and the present mix to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Il Duomo


Over the course of the last century the city of Terni has undergone industrial and urban development. From Piazza della Repubblica to its famous buildings belonging to noble families, a city tour cannot exclude the famous Marmore cascades.