In Pontecorvo, in the province of Frosinone, from Thursday 9th July the Threshing Festival in honour of the wheat harvest will begin, in order to commemorate the ancient peasant traditions and way of life which still today form the cultural roots of the reg

The “Threshing Festival” in Pontecorvo began in an area where the agricultural traditions are part of a not-too-distant past. When the wheat grain represented the sole source of sustenance for the family and the basis of life, its threshing time represented an almost sacred moment; for this reason the atmosphere in the centre of Lazio in these days of celebration is truly unique and incomparable. The various passages of the harvest of the grain are re-evoked with traditional tools and machinery, the elderly remembering days full of sacrifices as well as satisfaction, young people being shown how life was in those bygone days.
During the days dedicated to the festival in Pontecorvo there will be stands of ancient trades and local products, the exposition of farm and work animals, of cars, of traditional tools and clothes; the evenings will be enlivened by musical groups and tastings of local dishes, while it will be possible to go on a guided tours of an ancient windmill. The open-air museum of farm medium with period tools and vintage car exhibitions will also be held.
On Thursday 9th July, at 6 pm, will take place the official inauguration with The Quiet group's music. On Friday 10th July, at 6 pm, there will be the threshing proofs and  in the evening, beginning at 9 pm, music and dance for everyone with the Bailamos group's music. On Saturday 11th July, at 9 am, the grain will be prepared; at 10 am, threshing proofs and at 9 pm evening of music. Finally on Sunday 12th July, at 9 am, further threshing proofs; at 4 pm, threshing with a fixed thresher and at 9 pm, an evening of music dedicated to Alessandro Vessella.

Products and typical dishes
During the “Threshing Festival” one will be able to taste typical products (like “Cornetto di Pontecorvo” Dop peppers and “Cannellini di S. Oliva” beans) and traditional dishes, among which: canescione (typical Easter calzone made with a beetroot filling flavoured with oil, garlic, eggyolk and anchovies or a local cheese); frascateglie (homemade pasta similar to rice); panemmoglie (soup of old bread, cut into small pieces, placed in a bowl, over which a broth made from vegetables, beans and cotechino is poured); casata (a typical sweet from Pontecorvese, prepared during the Easter period from eggs, local fresh cheese, dark chocolate, limes, sugar and cinnamon). 

Free entrance.