There are many places in Italy dedicated to care of the body, thermal baths restored to their original splendour, where it is possible to exploit the beneficial effects of sulphurous waters, massage and relaxing beauty treatments.

There has been a genuine boom in Italian spa holidays in the last few years, a success also linked to the increasingly widespread search for wellbeing, greater attention for physical and mental health and a growing desire for moments of total relaxation, away from the routine and frenetic pace of everyday life. Wellness centres, massage and sulphurous waters with curative properties are the distinguishing marks guaranteeing success. The philosophy of the holiday is clear: to combine a traditional stay at the sea, in the mountains or a visit to the many artistic cities in Italy with moments dedicated to recovering the body and the spirit, offering innovative itineraries which combine wellbeing, culture and food and wine.
Faced with these new needs and market trends, the tourist industry and in particular the hotel industry has not been caught unprepared and thus we have seen the transformation of traditional hotels and old thermal baths into genuine sanctuaries of wellbeing. The key words are modernity and state-of-the-art facilities, with a range of carefully chosen and sophisticated services and the support of qualified personnel, designed to satisfy a clientele which pays increasing attention to the choice of the hotel and is looking for “made-to-measure” packages. The trend is indeed towards offering  holidays on a theme, ideal for all types of visitors, from couples looking for a romantic stay in fabulous residences and old castles, to relaxing holidays in spa resorts or villages also suitable for families. However, the most innovative formula would appear to be the “flying visit”, a week-end or single day dedicated to a regenerating break to be enjoyed at any time of the year.
Such holidays need not necessarily be luxurious or exclusive. There are many hotels offering packages capable of satisfying all kinds of needs: dream hotels are proposed alongside relaxing stays in more informal three-star hotels, always however with an eye to quality.
Italy is a guarantee of wellbeing and offers a wide choice of resorts going from the mild balmy climate of the north, to the sunny Mediterranean environment of the south. The most popular destinations are Campania, Veneto, Tuscany and Trentino. In Campania the island of Ischia contains precious treasures linked to physical and spiritual wellbeing. In addition to its innumerable curative waters, the island also offers a magnificent landscape and luxuriant vegetation. In Veneto there is a choice between resorts at the sea, such as the thermal baths of Bibione, or surrounded by the peaks of the Dolomites, such as Recoaro. Tuscany is characterised by its hilly landscape and wealth of woods, ancient trees and hot waters, exploited by spa towns such as Saturnia, Venturina, San Casciano Bagni and Chianciano Terme. Last but not least there is Trentino, one of the most well-known destinations for wellness enthusiasts. This alpine region is famous for the quality of its hotels and offers a range of medical and beauty treatments at the cutting edge, without neglecting the assets of the geographical area. It is aimed to make the maximum use of local products, both at the table and in wellness centres, also providing information on cycling routes, footpaths, itineraries and much more, with the invaluable collaboration of experts and guides who help visitors to get to know the mountains.