The Coast of Abruzzo

The coast of Abbruzzo is dotted with resorts with modern swimming facilities and beaches with fine sand and long pedestrian walkways. In the summer months these resorts provide accomodation for thousands of tourists, including young married couples with small children, the elderly, groups of friends and big families; the sea, pine forests, playgrounds for children, nightclubs and many other attractions offer relaxation and fun to suit all tastes.

The town of Giulianova is divided into two residential areas: the first is the old town, situated on the hill not far from the sea; the other is situated near the beach and is made up of tourist resorts and campsites fitted out with facilities to meet every need.
The medieval old town is of Roman origin and abounds in important works of art. It is host to events rooted in the medieval past, like the Horse Race held annually in the centre or the Feast of the Madonna dello Splendore. There are several other occasions when the inhabitants come together and celebrate: in July, there are the Festivals of Blue Fish and Sand Castles, in August there is the Festival of the Madonna of Porto Salvo.
Pineto, further south, takes its name from the extensive pine forests which provide shade to the coast for a length of over 2 kilometres. Besides the hotels, there are numerous campsites which offer tourists every comfort. Situated on the beach, La Torre di Cerrano, is the emblem of the town, and has been transformed from a watch tower to a marine observatory. In summer there are numerous fun events: in July there is the Festiaval of Bread (Sagra del pane), in August the Feast of St. Agnes and the Beerfest.
Situated in a strategic position between the provinces of Teramo (of which it is a part) and Pescara (with which it has a common border), Silvi Marina offers the tourist the possibility of discovering the most characteristic aspects of the typical naturalistic environment of Abruzzo; to the east is the soft and golden beach touched by the waves of the Adriatic Sea and to the west are the green hills covered with a luxuriant vegetation.
A warm welcome and good hospitality are the characteristics that have always distinguished the people here. All needs are fulfilled; hotels of all categories, small family businesses, authentic agritourism, bed and breakfast, country houses, conference centres, camping and apartments.
It has a seafront teeming with life at all hours of the day and night and evocative old streets of the hilly district with its beautiful viewpoint. There is a succulent cuisine based upon fish and meat dishes, night clubs and all types of aquatic and non-aquatic sporting installations. It is the ideal place to fully enjoy a relaxing, cultural and fun holiday and it is suitable for families, young people and anyone who wants the intensity of large centres in the peace and tranquillity and the genuineness of a small town.