Being almost 25 kilometres in length, the council of Portoferraio offers numerous bathing establishments and beaches, such as Biodola, 600 metres of fine sandy golden beaches; Scaglieri, 150 metres of fine sand that gently slopes to the sea and the Forno, a small segment of land.

The bays composed of stretches of sand, shingle or pebbles follow one after another. It is a little difficult to reach Viticcio, but it is worth it just for the enchanting panorama. The size of Enfola, even though it is small, offers various possibilities, whilst the minute Sorgente is composed of white, smooth pebbles. Sansone is a small, shingly gorge with tall rocks.
To reach Acquaviva, a small 80 metre corner of the world, it is necessary to use the dirt road that has a gravel foundation. The journey to Seccione is a fairy tale route; 120 steps to reach 180 metres of beach. Another steep stairway leads to the beach of Capo Bianco with its smooth pebbles that make the sea suitable for scuba diving.
In addition to the shingle beaches there are white pebbles and an abundance of marine fauna for those who love snorkelling.
Le Viste, underneath the Medici fortifications can be reached on foot; Schiopparello is a narrow pebble beach that continues to the hamlet of Magazzini. In front of Portoferraio, between two promontories is Bagnaia, a bay with its sand and shingle beach. Finally, there are the shingle and sandy beaches of Ottone and Ottonella that are approximately 700 metres long.