A real journey into the country traditions, those distinct flavours of Tuscany countryside where gourmets from all over the world find something “to get their teeth into”.

One word is enough “Florentine” – the queen of all steaks, to prepare the table with the typical flavours of quite unique cuisine.
In Tuscany, the country is the undisputed protagonist on the table with all the colours and perfumes, genuineness and simplicity that has always characterised the regional cooking
Cradle of the inn and rustic style, that goes hand in glove with the warm friendly hospitality of the people, this land has managed to keep up with the times but holding firm its roots and country traditions. This way the “poor dishes” have survived and remained, and have been raised to noble levels by expert chefs to become ever-present dishes in international cuisine. Simple and genuine flavours expertly prepared: this is the culinary secret of the cuisine that is loved throughout the world.
In Tuscany farms, the tasty salamis open the gastronomic feasts: “finocchiona”, boar “cacciatorini”, “sanbudello”, “buristo”, “Colonnata” lard, DOP Tuscany ham, “soprassata”, with delicious hors d’oeuvres such as “panzanella”, Tuscany toasts, stuffed neck, chicken livers and “fettunta”, the Tuscany version of ‘bruschetta’, or savoury toasts with garlic and olive oil.   
There are also those delicious first courses waiting for us, that have been cooking for hours in the terracotta casseroles: ribollita (a sort of vegetable soup with black cabbage), lampredotto (tripe that was originally eaten on the streets), spelt or vegetable soup, “cacciucco” (fish soup), tomato mush, and not to mention the game, the “peposo”, “scottiglia” or “cèe” Pisa style. To close this concert of ancient flavours the famous deserts, like the “ugly but delicious”, “dead-man’s bones”, “panforte” (typical cake from Siena), “schiacciata” (a sort of flat bread) with raisins, “castagnaccio” (chestnut cake), “cenci” (rags) and famous flavours like the DOP Tuscany sheep’s cheese, Marzolino from Chianti, caciotta cheese.