Rural Tourism

The rediscovery of the wholesome taste of the country

The magic of the Italian hillsides and of the green expanses beyond them, often adjoining unique natural environments, enchant the onlooker at first sight. Rural tourism means a holiday immersed in nature, learning about agriculture and the countryside, and savouring customs, usages and traditions from of the past, with its great repertoire of traditional tastes and skills.
Rural tourism is also a celebration, and is best realised by the political coordination of the communities and the regions that know how to protect and put to use unused farm buildings and ancient towns and villages where history remains alive.
Farm houses and farms are the ideal places for spending this kind of holiday. These places have often been restored to their original splendour through conservative restoration techniques which respect their past but which also give the tourist indispensable modern comforts, in an atmosphere which recreates the intimate and familial dimensions of the farmstead. Thus whether before the fireplace or in the shade of centuries old trees, guests are able to taste the typical products of the local cuisine or the choice wines in an almost dreamlike atmosphere. Far from the television, mobile phones and motorcars, those who love nature and tranquillity can be sure to spend an unforgettable holiday.

Facciata della chiesa Maria SS. Annunziata (


Contact with nature and with the simplicity and authenticity of rural Sicilian life allow the modern-day tourist to rediscover the natural landscape, simple and unspoilt, amidst expanses of citrus groves, historic artefacts and the evocative panorama of the volcano.

Leuca (Foto Nunzio Pacella - Ufficio Stampa Apt Lecce)

The magic of the Salento area

Light, colour and scenery; the whole of the Salento area, a strip of paradise contained between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea with approximately 250 kilometres of mixed sandy and rocky coastline contributes in creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere between the green of the secular olive groves and vineyards, the crystalline blue of the sea, the white houses and the twisty little streets of the small, very characteristic villages.

Panoramica di Buscemi(

Sicilian Trades

From Sicilian puppets to the salt mines, passing from the ancient trades tied to the cultivation of the earth to the discovery of the most fascinating landscapes of this piece of the Mediterranean.

La prelibata cassata imbevuta nel maraschino (


Sicily offers more than just the sea, with its breathtaking colours. It is also a land with a wealth of traditions and popular art forms resulting from the influence of the many peoples which have lived there.

Il borgo medioevale di Bobbio (


The Bobbio valley is a land hidden magically in the Apennines in the province of Piacenza. The greenery of the woods and the azure blue of the waters of the River Trebbia, the rustic flavours of the cooking and the fascination of its ancient history make this valley a corner of paradise just waiting to be discovered.

Ingresso del giardino della masseria Castelli San Basilio (

In pursuit of the “masserie”, the farmsteads of Basilicata

For those who desire a history quiet holiday far from the crowds, the province of Matera in Basilicata, beyond the hinterland of region of Salente and the Ionic side of Puglia, from Brindisi to Otranto, from Capo di Leuca to Taranto, offers places marked by tradition and history waiting to be discovered.

Panoramica di Alberobello, cuore della Murgia dei trulli (

A Journey among the "trulli" of Puglia

The green heart of the Murgian hills is a must for tourists who love holidays in places still immersed in the quiet greenery of the countryside. Thousands of cone shaped houses called ‘trulli’ dot the area, and give evidence of a fascinating and mysterious landscape where one is still able to behold the sacred and profane symbols of a historical landscape.