The ideal holiday

There are many ways of being on holiday. Carefree on a chaise longue on a sunny beach, intent on visiting a baroque church, relaxing and pampered in a spa, buzzing around the pavilions of a busy international Trade Fair or simply astride a horse on one of the country roads taking you to a farm where you can taste the typical Italian fare on offer, wholesome and tasty.
There are therefore many ways in which to experience Italy as a tourist and travel enthusiast, and in each case you can count on comfortable accommodation whose mark of quality is its being Italian. It is enough to discover your kind of holiday and then set in motion your choice for a city, a country setting or a gastronomic experience. After all there are thousands of possible itineraries each proposing a different corner of Italy.

Turismo Verde 1

Nature Tourism

Relax in close contact with nature

Turismo Rurale 2

Rural Tourism

The rediscovery of the wholesome taste of the country

Turismo Culturale

Cultural Tourism

All the fascination of art and history

Turismo Religioso

Religious Tourism

In search of places of pilgrimage and of faith

Turismo Enogastronomico

Food and Wine Tourism

Follow the wine routes in search of refined tastes

Turismo Equestre 1

Equestrian Tourism

Astride a horse on new and ancient paths

Turismo Termale 2

Thermal Baths

For lovers of physical and spiritual well-being