A trip from the North to the South of the peninsula, among some interesting destinations ideal for those looking to recover their health and encourage psycho-physical well-being.

Among mud, infusions, herbs and natural essences, the spas and their well-being proposals are a living enterprise in the Italian tourist system. In fact, the “boot” (Italy's shape) is dotted with numerous structures offering precisely aimed  personalised treatments where visitors can find peak physical form by natural, relaxing methods. With its beauty farms, well-being centres and spas, Italy is the ideal place to be re-born. So here are, from North to South, some offer proposals from some of Italy's most highly renowned structures.
Relaxation, with candle light and music, immersed in apple and yoghurt foam, that revitalises and softens the skin: this is the "Emperor's Bath", the diamond tip of the well-being offers of Spa Romantik Hotel Turm in Fiè allo Sciliar (Bolzano)
Another type of therapy is available at Resort & Spa Principessa Sissi Grand Hotel Imperial of Levico Terme (Trento).
Immersed in the centuries old Spa Park, it can count on the properties of the arsenical-ferruginous waters coming from the Dolomites (the waters contain a large amount of iron and small doses of arsenic), in addition to a wide range of massages and treatments.
You breathe an atmosphere that excites all the senses in the renowned well-being centre Oasi Vital of the Caravan Park Sexten of Sesto (Bolzano): special beauty treatments, in an atmosphere of delicate perfumes, and furnishings full of studied colours and materials, create a high quality mix.
The vibrations of the sound waves which, combined with massage, enable you to reach a deep level of relaxation. La Réserve Hotel Terme Salute e Benessere of Caramanico Terme (Pescara) aims at the potential of music and ayurvedic medicine, associated with a symphony of gestures and melodies. The "Yusen" massage enables you to relax thanks to the vibrations of the sound waves emitted by a 55-string instrument placed under the couch, while the sound of glass and brass tubular bells is used in other therapeutic programmes. However, the most important speciality of the centre are the massotherapy cures, for which was awarded international recognition.
The Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort in Saturnia (Grosseto) are also inspired by music and offer well-being by means of aquasound and aroma-therapy combined with holistic massages.
Famous for its talassotherapy centre, Thermae del Parco, and known throughout the world, the Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula (Cagliari) boasts a special sea Oil, marine water in which the trace elements exert a physiological re-equilibrating function, acting both therapeutically and preventively.