Nature Tourism

Relax in close contact with nature

To immerse oneself in the tranquillity of endless green expanses, to surprise a goat at the edge of a wood, to listen to the sound of a waterfall or follow the flight of a butterfly. Nature after all is the perfect companion which permits us to spend our holidays far from the chaos of the city, surrounded by simplicity and relaxation.
In order to experience nature, it is enough to follow those untrodden, perhaps forgotten, paths which are found in the parks and natural reserves all over Italy, to cross breathtaking scenery which contains an entire world waiting to be discovered over and above the usual delights Italy has to offer: beautiful city centres, genuine food, unusual cultural activities and living traditions. For the adventurer the natural parks represent the opportunity to discover abandoned places or territories, thus transforming them into instruments for the cultural, economic and social recovery and development of areas neglected down the centuries. It is exactly here that we can recover an authentic relationship with nature and observe the inhabitants of these incredible ecosystems.

Un branco di cervi nel bosco della Mesola (


The Regional Park of the Po Delta is a unique natural site thanks to its geological formation and to the numerous species of animals that live there. It is an area which man has wrenched from the sea, and this renders it even more fascinating to explore.

(Archivio Fotografico Provincia e STL Ogliastra)

The Grottoes of Ogliastra

The newly formed province of Ogliastra in the east of Sardegna is characterised by uncontaminated natural environment which offers the tourist the opportunity to discover its unique scenery.



There are many nature areas, dotted from north to south in Italy, but one, in particular, teaches respect for the environment: the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.

Un abitante che vive in libertà nel Parco (

An experience of Maremma

In the heart of Tuscany, a fascinating Park rich in history was founded in 1975 to preserve an area rich in fauna, and where the unique plants and flowers offer the visitor endless pleasure.

Un alpeggio della Valle Orco (


Living with nature and animals is possible, all you have to do is take a holiday in the “Belpaese’s” oldest park, the Gran Paradiso.


Val Venosta

Among the most beautiful valleys of the Italian region of Alto Adige, Val Venosta has the beauty of a alpine landscape tempered by a mediterranean climate. Relaxation and fun are the order of the day among the peaks of the Ortles Range perennially covered by snow or among the extensive fruit orchards and vineyards.

Abete rosso e bianco a confronto (

In the heart of the Alps

Situated on the Lombard side of the Adamello Mountain Range, the Adamello Regional Park covers an area of more than 50 thousand hectares, and borders on the Stelvio Regional Park to the north and on the Adamello-Brenta Regional Park (situated in Trentino-Alto-Adige) to the east.

Val di Genova, Valley of the Falls

Situated in the western part of the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, the Val di Genova is a narrow unspoilt enclosed valley characterised by the sound of waterfalls and torrents of swirling water. Covered as it is in thick woods, it is the ideal place for lovers of nature, sport and good cuisine.


The waterfalls of Marmore

Tucked away in thick, wild vegetation, these spectacular waterfalls weave their spell of fascination over the mesmerised onlooker.

Il piccolo borgo di Ginostra (


In the Eolian archipelago, Stromboli offers a truly unique spectacle; discover this active volcano by sea or by land.



Let’s discover together the wonderful natural treasures of the Gran Paradiso National Park, a world waiting to be enjoyed in the company of ibexes, the essence of the park.


The Lakes of Monticchio

Of stunning beauty, the Great Lake and the Small Lake of Monticcho are situated at the south western foot of Mt.Vulture and occupy the crater mouths of the ancient volcano. The area is also a natural reserve called the “Small Lake of Monticchio”, and is situsted in the municipal area of Atella.



Roero is a vast territory in Piedmont, a place filled with colour, and offering uncontaminated nature, clean air and genuine products.

Un piccolo borgo della Val Soana (


Lo and behold the green paths, genuine routes immersed in the natural world of the Gran Paradiso Park, to discover in the tranquillity of the Alps.

Lago di Levico foto di Vito Arcomano, fototeca Enit (

Lakes Caldonazzo and Levico

The lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico are two of the most important and enchanting natural treasures of Valsugana and Lagorai; they are beautiful stretches of water surrounded by mountains that are unique in the World, with their natural parks, uplands and typical farmer’s refuges on the alpine pastures.

Un fossile custodito nel museo (

Discovering Lessinia, among fossils and fairies

For anyone who loves nature walks, the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, only a few kilometres from Verona, offers a wide range of long walks with lots of opportunities for relaxation and fun.

Vista aerea del complesso vulcanico Somma Vesuvio (


For whoever loves adventure or long walks in suggestive and unusual places in unspoilt natural settings, the ‘Valley of Hell’ is the ideal destination.



The Regional Park of Sirente Velino in Abruzzo is not only a natural haven but is also steeped in history and culture.


Valle di Anterselva

As the historical link between Val Pusteria and the Tyrol, and situated between Brunico and Dobbiaco, this valley in Alto Adige offers fantastic holidays for the whole family in every season of the year: snow covered winter landscapes, fields full of flowers in spring, cultivated fields and extensive forests in summer and the vibrant play of colour in autumn.

Lago di Varano (

Lakes Varano and Lesina

Situated on the north of the Gargano promontory, in the province of Foggia, the lakes of Varano and Lesina are among the biggest of the coastal lakes on the peninsula. A paradise for animals, but also for tourists in search of uncontaminated areas.


Lo stambecco sulle alte montagne del parco (

Treasures of Nature

Breathtaking panoramas of mountains, lakes and torrents; unique flora and fauna: all of this and more is on offer to the visitor in the biggest of the Italian National Parks.


Zoldo Valley

Lovely all year round. A paradise for lovers of trekking on the peaks of the Alps, and skiers for the excellent modern ski plants and breathtaking and exciting slopes.

Lago Baratz (

Lake Baratz

The only lake natural in Sardegna, this small body of water is situated between Sassari and Alghero, in a beautiful position with great naturalistic importance about one and a half kilometres from the sea.

La mappa e gli itinerari del Parco Nazionale (

The natural treasures of Magna Graecia

The white sandy beaches washed by blue cobalt seas, the resinous perfume of marittime pine forests and the warmth of the sun distinguish the National Park of Cilento and the Valley of Diano as a destination for nature explorers and sun lovers.