Munch and the spirit of the North. Scandinavia in the second half of t

Villa Manin in Passariano di Codroipo, in the province of Udine, has been clothed in all the colours of the nordic countryside to reconstruct for the first time the history of Scandinavia in the second half of the nineteenth century through paintings from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

The exhibition is a concentrated artistic foray dedicated to the major exponents of nordic art, with a series of paintings which trace the development of an artistic development which continues to fascinate art lovers. A total of 120 paintings have been put on display in the rooms of the stately home in Friuli. They mainly come from Scandinavia, but there are also some from other European and American museums.
The exhibition consists of five sections figuring landscapes, portraits and figure paintings. Four of them are reserved for national schools each with its own artistic expression. The fifth and final section has been careful to individuate, through the choice of 35 masterpieces by Edvard Munch, that gaze that made the northern landscape both a physical and an interior space.

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