Mountain holidays in Italy


A symbol of freedom, mountains are one of the mainstays of life unaffected by the passing of time, a kind of eternal presence. The mountain experience involves climbing up an icy waterfall, lowering yourself into the void attached to a double rope, walking through woods, reaching a summit, feeling the thrill of a downhill ski descent, but it is above all a way of life, a lifestyle in its own right. Mountains are synonymous with respect for the environment, coming into close contact with nature and sharing values and experience. With their imposing form, they dominate green meadows, rolling hills, small country villages and large cities from above. Surrounded by huge expanses of rock, snow, clouds and sky, one can feel infinitely small. The mountains are ready to welcome families with children looking for an excursion, but offer something completely different to sporty types, risk and adventure: a genuine personal challenge where the mountain teaches knowledge of one’s body, one’s mind and above all one’s limits. The mountains are a sportsman’s paradise, from climbing to skiing, from trekking to mountaineering with a rich variety of landscape features such as peaks, woods, lakes, waterfalls, streams and huts, offering the opportunity to experience nature to the full both in summer and winter. It offers a kind of natural gym with air that is always fresh and endless space, not hemmed in by oppressive walls. Italy is spoilt for choice in terms of majestic mountain areas, including the highest point in Europe, Mont Blanc. Just visit Courmayeur, in Alta Badia, the Dolomites, or Gressoney, Bardonecchia, Montecampione, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Abetone or Sella Nevea to discover the wonder of their different facets.


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