Marina di Camerota

Holiday destination unsurpassed for lovers of crystalline seas, fine sands, open air activity; the mediterranean climate guarantees sun and good weather for most of the year.

Transparent and the most unique and rare chromatism; the sea that washes the beaches of Marina di Camerota, a part of the Cilento town of Camerota on the slopes of Monte Bulgheria, knows how to enchant like no other. It includes all shades from azure to blue, with touches of green that change depending on the light and the sun.
Apart from the beautiful sea, Marina di Camerota also has fine sandy beaches. The most evocative place of its coast is Punta degli Infreschi, one of the most uncontaminated tracts of coastline of Italy where nothing has been built and the town has been preserved in all of its beauty.
The coastline of Marina di Camerota is a highly prestigious destination for summer tourism, known for its caves where the remains of Homo Camerotensis were found, a prehistoric man dating back to approximately 540,000 years ago and a contemporary of Neanderthal man.
But it does not finish there; the caves are spaced between small coves that can only be accessed by the sea with rocky coasts and beaches just a few metres from olive groves and Mediterranean maquis.
The hospitality includes various categories of reception structures, amongst which hotels, residences, tourist villages and apartments that must surely satisfy the most demanding tourist.