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There’s more to a holiday than sea or mountains; rows of vines, country roads, places rich in tradition accompanied by fine wine and cuisine. Wine tourism is the new frontier in the Italian tourism sector, helping visitors to learn about the pleasures of regionally characteristic products. A new type of relaxation through the tasting of typical food and wine specialities, where the palate is enchanted by wines, the product of our land. Local Italian aromas and flavours thereby become the leading players in special tours, genuine wine roads which lead those interested on a trip of discovery through the countryside, the custodian of art, culture and history, taking in vineyards and tradition.
On these taste tours, the different regions of Italy retell the history of their land with their typical products, irreplaceable protagonists of our cuisine, and wines with unmistakable flavours which characterise a unique terroir. Fashionable food and wine tourism has become reality over the last few years, a new concept of holidays immersed in nature, a perspective which has aroused the interest of an increasing number of tourists. Thanks to wine and food holidays, the different regions of Italy have seized the opportunity to tell their stories, inviting the traveller to find their treasures.

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