Situated between 250 and 1.910 metres above sea level, Lana is situated in the centre of the oldest and most extensive fruit growing region in Alto Adige, but the town is also immersed in the colours and smells of an alpine landscape. Ideal holiday destination for families, Lana offers several possibilities for cultural and sporting activities.

Situated on the southern side of the Merano basin, where the Valley of Ultimo begins, Lana is the biggest fruit producing town in the region of Alto Adige. Immersed in a typical alpine landscape, this lively town offers a wide range of opportunities for sport and relaxation, besides its rich artistic heritage.
From the historical point of view, in fact, Lana has forty churches, chapels and monasteries scattered throughout its territory, among which the legendary ruins of the castles of Leone, Braunsberg and Brandisvan can be found. The town’s extensive cultural programme includes Pumpkin Days, the LanaLive Festival, the Flower Festival, theatre shows in the open and the enchanting Christmas Market during the festive season.
Nature lovers can go on a tour of Monte San Vigilio nearby or relax by walking along the Brandis or romantic Gola footpaths. Shopping lovers, on the other hand, can indulge their evey whim among the shops of the pedestrian area of “Am Gries” in the town centre. Brandis has a nine-hole golf course for golf lovers.