Lamb and Mutton, Quality Controlled Products

Typical of the rural traditions of Romagna, these Controlled Quality (QC) meats are obtained from lambs and sheep raised according to a strict regimen of production with clearly defined rules.

Beginning with the lambs: the animal must be between 70 and 180 days old, with a weight of between 25 and 50 kilograms. The colour of the meat should be light to dark pink; the fat should be white  or cream with no hint of yellow.  The characteristics of mutton meat, from an animal aged between 5 and 12 months, weight between 40 and 100 kilos: dark pink in colour, without abnormal coloring. As with the lamb, the fat must be white or cream.

The insignia QC is a quality control brand, and was set up by the region of Emilia Romagna to promote food products obtained using integrated farming methods that are respectful of the health of the consumer and of the environment.  The  goods marked with the Quality Control stamp give the consumer guarantees that adequate controls ensure compliance with quality standards defined by special production methods.
The guarantee, in this case, also extends to the next stage, that is, to operations of storing and processing the raw material. QC products, in addition to meat, include: fresh and canned or bottled fruit and vegetables, cereals (flour and bread), wine, oil and honey.

Sheep meat can be bought whole or in portions. It is worthy remembering that the best parts are the leg and the loin, from which one gets the ribs. The other parts are good for mincemeat or for roasts. Since the cuts of meat vary from region to region, in order to prepared tasty dishes it is worth considering that in general the leg is excellent roasted, the loin and ribs can be prepared roasted or grilled, the shoulder is excellent stewed or pan fried, the neck, rather fatty, is good in stews.

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