Holidays in the countryside in Italy


To return to experience bygone rhythms, when Nature reigned supreme and modern technology didn’t exist yet. This is not an impossible undertaking, but exists as a corner of reality alive and well in those places where a sense of tradition remains strong: the countryside. The word alone conjures images of expansive green fields, meadows full of perfumed flowers and farm animals, like cows, horses and sheep. A world full of surprises for city dwellers, made up of slow rhythms, tranquillity and genuine foods, the fruit of the earth cultivated with traditional farming methods. The countryside is a place rich in beauty, and is often little known even by its own inhabitants. From north to south, from the interior to the coast, a different Italy reveals itself to the tourist who wishes to savour every instant of his holiday: places where one can discover natural works of art, or follow those paths in which wine, genuine food and fond memories merge. In short in the country it is possible to immerse onself in history, to discover the guardian of those traces and witnesses of past ages, which have left their mark in archeological remains, in medieval towns or in country churches which dot the landscape. A kind of time machine, capable of blocking the inexorable passing of time and capturing it in a series of photos of country life. Choosing is easy: find the tourist structure that most tickles your fancy and you’re away!