Holidays at the cities of art in Italy


Reality is never the same but changes constantly in relation to the historical period in which one finds onself. It is however possible to immortalise any moment, to capture that particular instant in something that of itself cannot change: art. But what does art mean? The word itself does not have a univocal or absolute meaning, and is itself affected by the change from one historical period to another, from one culture to another. However, apart from these diverse connotations, art is everything that is born from human creativity, it is the expression of our being, of our sensations, of all the forms that surround us. Over the centuries everything has evolved, from cultural expression to human thought, from civilisation to technology. Fortunately however splendid works of art remain as a testimony to the world and to the passing of time. Italy in particular is richly endowed with art, and up and down the Peninsula its cities have cared for it and today are able to offer their thousand-year-old heritage as a major tourist attraction. From Tuscany to Lazio, from Veneto to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, up to Sicily and the other Italian regions, tourists in search of history and the sensations connected with great art can discover the creative genius of those artists who have left their mark on Italian history and culture. It suffices to choose the structure most suited to one’s particular needs and in an instant all the beauty of the Italian cities of art will be at your fingertips.


Residence Stella del Mare

Stella del Mare is a tourist complex located in Mazzanta, between Vada and Cecina, in the centre of the Etruscan Coast – definitely one of the most charming areas in Tuscany. It is only 300 meters from the beach and 100 metres from beautiful coastal pinewoods. The ideal place for families and children as well as those who love the sun and the sea, relaxation and fun.