Holidays at the baths in Italy


Ingenious, new ideas for keeping the body fit and the mind supple, in a cocktail of ingredients suited to the most varied tastes and all with the same goal: self-discovery. Mango, ginger, pawpaw, sugar cane, caribbean limes and cocoa butter. Otherwise: yogurt, advocado, ivy, menthol, canphor and apples. These are the ingredients of recipes with unforgettable flavours, ready to satisfy not only your palate, but also your body and soul. In fact what better way could there be to sweeten the winter freeze than with hot baths and treatments using natural products with noteable therapeutic and cosmetic properties? These are only some of the interesting ideas popular in Italian cities and thermal areas, endowed as they are here and there by Spas (from the latin salus per aquam, which means the recovery of one’s health through water) and health farms in a buzz of continual renewal to ensure the most effective treatments ever. Warm those intense days spent on the snow or in reach of artistic treasures with relaxing afternoons immersed in music, and surrounded by therapeutic aromas and colours, in the experience of massages or thermal baths using marine algae, berries or exotic fruits, grape cures, and, why not, balsamic vinegar. These are the new frontiers of the health world, fascinating ways of spending your holiday in harmony with your body, in a world caught between culture, sport and good food. There is nothing to choose from but choice itself