Typical Tuscany salami which is famous throughout the world.

The country folk used to offer it to their customers who bought the loose wine, so that even the poorer quality wines tasted better, thanks to the spices the salami contains which are like an anaesthetic to our taste buds. This is the legend that revolves around the most famous salami from Tuscany, which owes its name to the fennel seeds that are added to the pure pork mixture.
This product is a handmade masterpiece, entirely made by hand using the fattier meat, like the cheeks and the lean cuts like the shoulder and saddle, finely minced together with garlic, salt, pepper, aromatic herbs, wild fennel seeds and red wine. The result is a soft, aromatic and spicy salami.
A delight that is called “sbriciolona” in the Impruneta area, the gateway to Classic Chianti, for the typical soft texture that crumbles as soon as the knife cuts into it. And the Finocchiona is paraded on the dining tables of the old inns, served with homemade typical Tuscany bread, with its unique salt-free flavour, or with the fresh country vegetables.

Did you know?

Legend holds that Niccolò Michiavelli (1469–1527), famous writer and politician from the renaissance period, was that much of an enthusiast of Finocchiona that he served it very sparingly in his estate in Sant’Andrea in Percussina, in San Casciano Val di Pesa, where he used to retreat when the Florence air became unsupportable.