discover the Cilento's hinterland

The National Park of Cilento and its 181,000 hectares of protected area offer visitors beautiful trails in the saddle on his horse.

The Cilento coast is among the most popular tourist destinations for its natural beauty that offers its visitors. The areas between the Gulf of Salerno and Policastro are characterized by the extraordinary wealth of history and archeology, along the enchanting landscape of green hills, rocks and hills that drop straight into the crystalline sea of ​​the Tyrrhenian Sea. A natural spectacle that jumps immediately to the eyes of even the most casual tourists, who can not help but notice the paradise that surrounds him.
But this is not just the Cilento. There is a more hidden, more silent and wild while offering an alternative route for those who love living close to nature, immerse yourself in its essence and breathe it. Villages, valleys and woods of the Cilento are a land of a thousand faces, drawing a hinterland to discover during fun excursions organized by most horse farm in the area.
You can choose different paths for the most part belonging to the territory of the Cilento National Park, recognized by UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 1997. In the saddle for twenty miles, you can go to the discovery of fascinating medieval towns and villages, rich history and traditions, such as: Galdo (medieval village dating back to 1090, which still retains the architectural structure of the time), Celso, San Mauro , inches (the villages of Mount Stella) to Aspen, a town on the sea, over the years awarded by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for the purity of its water for bathing.
A unique opportunity to discover enchanting places in which to stop and water the horses and taste the typical specialties of the place, riding near the banks of the River heat and experiencing the smells of rural Cilento. Well marked bridleways allow tourists to experience an exciting adventure that includes a visit to places as yet little known but rich in suggestions and the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of a landscape that offers strong and sharp contrasts: mountains and rocks are mixed with well-indented coast, the blue sky backdrop for postcard views. All accompanied by the utmost seriousness and competence of instructors qualified to ensure the safety of the rider, in addition to the pure and wholesome entertainment.