The fascination of Sicily gets to the heart of the traveller once again, not just with the wine but the delicious culinary delights.

Dining with Sicily means tasting all sorts of fanciful dishes, with contrasting flavours, the result of the influence of all the different peoples who have passed through this wonderful land and left their distinctive mark.
The unusual and mysterious fascination that pervades the island can also be found in the cuisine, dishes made using simple and cheap ingredients, that are exalted with imagination, harmony in an explosion of colours and perfumes. A lot of local vegetables are used, and fish of course, enriched with the perfume of the past and the different civilisations that have lived here, like the typical sweet-sour flavour inherited from the Arabs.
Sicilian cooking is a wide variety of dishes thanks to the great individualism typical of the island that gives a unique flavour to each single recipe. Refined and tasty gastronomy that does not neglect the hors d’oeuvres either: from the rice and potato croquettes, the pancakes from Catania and the bread-crumbed dishes from Syracuse. Then the sauces that decorate the first courses, like couscous, timbale, pasta with aubergines, pasta with sardines and pasta with “muddica” (breadcrumbs) stand out for their unique flavours. We have the meatballs, beccafico with onions, kid and fresh fish, through to the delicious cheeses – caciocavallo, pecorino and ricotta, to close with the delights of their deserts and pastries, where “cannoli” (pastry with a sweet filing), “cassata” (Sicilian cake), Martorana fruit and “mostaccioli” (stuffed pastries) bring down the curtain on the local specialities. All rich typical products that guide the explorer into the Sicily made of tradition, imagination and warmth.