Art City

A WALK THROUGH ART Reality is not always the same, but changes constantly depending on the age in which we live. You can, however, capture every moment, capturing that special moment or something we can not change: the art. But what is art? The word has a meaning unique and absolute, but its definition is influenced by the transition from one historical period to another, from one culture to another. Apart from the different connotations, art is everything that comes from human creation, is an expression of being, of sensations, forms and everything that surrounds us. Over the centuries, everything evolves, culture and human thought, from civilization to technology, but thankfully the wonderful works of art is the world elect witnesses and the passage of time. This Italy is particularly rich, and keeps up and down the Peninsula in a number of cities that have been able to do with their millenary history the greatest tourist attraction. From Tuscany to Lazio from Veneto to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, to Sicily and other Italian regions the tourist in search of history and feelings related to the art may discover the creative talent of artists who have marked the culture and history of the boot . Just choose the structure that best suits your needs and instantly all the beauty of the Italian cities of art will be on hand.

I campanili gemelli di Trinità dei Monti (Regione Lazio)


The capital of Italy is considered throughout the world as an open-air museum. In this Lazio city there are endless monuments and beauties to be admired to learn about and appreciate the past and present grandeur of Rome and its Empire.