It is one of Italy’s most sought after tourist locations, not only because of the sea, but also for its historic content.

Cecina was the centre of important settlements occupied by both Etruscans and Romans, the remains of which are conserved in the Civic Archeological Museum of Villa Guerazzi in the La Cinquantina locality. Here, exhibitions of objects from past epochs are held throughout the year. Also worthy of a visit are the remains of the Roman Villa of  San Vincenzino, which to this day preserves mosaics and floors of Roman times, as well as an intact underground cistern.
Cecina’s geographical position is one of its main attractions. Immersed in a green plain, this city lies a few steps from the sea and, at the same time, it is close to the countryside and the nearby hills. The Cecina pine wood, which is the Preserve of the Tombolis (sand dunes covered by thick vegetation)  is one of most beautiful Italian woods, due to the richness and variety  of its vegetation, which winds  from the hinterland to the sea.
Marina di Cecina is the queen of seaside resorts, the ideal destination of sun and sports lovers. Besides a limpid sea and a spacious beach, don’t miss the white sand beaches a few kilometres from Cecina in the direction of Rosignano Solvay.