This town in Veneto is unequalled as a holiday destination for its its 18 kilometres of beaches, hotels, holiday apartments, tourist resorts, campsites and boat moorings.

Caorle offers tourists a choice of holiday resorts (two of which have mooring for boats) and 18 kilometres of coastline divided into the two beaches of Levante and Ponente, several times awarded with the Blue Flag for their high quality: indeed it is the perfect spot for those who love walking along the beach to the sound of lapping waves. Besides the sea, this resort is in reach of a picturesque old town whose multi-coloured houses and network of roads and artificial canals make it a “little Venice”.
The old town of Caorle, in fact, is divided into different quarters and from the cathedral a great number of streets branch out into small squares or “Rio terà”, the high street. In the quarter of Sant’Andrea the streets are named after fish and other local produce; the quarter of Sansonessa is more modern, while the recent quarter of Orologio is planned in the form of a sundial quadrant with its streets named after the signs of the zodiac. To the north-east of the old town lie the quarters of San Giuseppe and Falconera, which border on the Venetian lagoons. Here visitors can admire the typical architecture of fishermen’s houses.