Cannoli & Friends

From 9th to 11th April, the “Cannoli & Friends” festival will be held in Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo), dedicated to the culture and promoting and restoring value to the cannolo, this special dessert that is the symbol of the local traditions around the world.

A very sweet event, where visitors will have three days to taste the delicious Sicilian and International desserts.
As part of the Byzantine Easter celebrations that begin on 25th March and end on 11th April, this event will be dedicated to sampling Sicilian and international desserts, with shows, meetings and cultural moments dedicated to the Arbereshe (Albanese) culture.
The focal point of “Cannoli & Friends” will be the International confectionary competition on Saturday 10th April, where the Piana degli Albanesi cannolo will “challenge” the typical desserts from the Balkan countries, including Albania, Greece, Turkey, Kosovo and Bosnia. The competition will be judged by a jury of VIPs, experts and journalists and will be chaired by Laura Ravaioli, chef with Gambero Rosso and expert food journalist, and another popular jury that will decide the winning dessert of the Cannoli & Friends Award.
The cannolo is the most famous Sicilian dessert in the world, and the cannoli from Piano degli Albanesi (canojet) are particularly famous for their size of about 20 cm, hard to find anywhere else in Sicily, and their sheer goodness. The secret is in the crispy, flaky wafer (shkorça) that is made with flour, wine, lard and salt, and then filled with fresh sheep’s cheese ricotta, sugared and sieved, with chocolate chips added. The patroness for the event will be the lovely top model from the Czech Republic, Michaela Hola, who was also the testimony for the Piana degli Albanesi calendar.

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