A magical encounter between the sea and the mountains

Eight hundred kilometres of coast, gentle hills and wooded mountains, two nature parks and the splendours of Magna Graecia. The region of Calabria undoubtedly offers an extraordinary combination of sea and mountains, a place where the day can begin in the sun on an enchanting golden beach and end with a spectacular sunset at high altitude. Visiting this region is a thrilling experience, as it is possible to find completely unspoilt spots, where one can spend a peaceful holiday, immersed in magnificent countryside offering unique scenery.

It also represents an immense artistic and cultural heritage for Italy and the world, allowing the tourist to explore the long and fascinating history of the Mediterranean. Those who love the sea will particularly appreciate the mild climate and the splendid colours of the sea, which laps around circa 800 kilometres of coast, stretching along the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas.

The Tyrrhenian coast is mostly made up of wide sandy beaches, but the coastline often becomes jagged, with caves just above the surface of the water and small coves which can only be reached from the sea. There are numerous towns and sites facing onto the Tyrrhenian sea which leave the tourist with unforgettable memories of their beauty.

The island of Dino, for example, just a short distance from Praia a Mare and only five minutes from the coast, is a corner of paradise, with rocky walls terminating in picturesque caves. Close to Capo Scalea, we find San Nicola Arcella, where one can admire the remains of two towers once part of the 16th century system of defences. Diamante is striking for its magnificent natural setting, characterised by citron groves, while Cetraro is a typical trading town, with a port for the mooring of fishing vessels and tourist boats. Continuing along the Tyrrhenian coast we come across Pizzo, Tropea, Lamezia Terme and many other small towns of striking beauty, making them an incomparable destination for tourists wishing to spend a holiday in one of the most magical places in Italy.

Vista aerea di Reggio Calabria (


The city has an almost exclusively agricultural, administrative and commercial role, as well as being a popular seaside resort and a well-equipped trading port. The area around Reggio offers a number of beautiful seaside resorts, some on the Ionian coast and others on the Tyrrhenian coast, together with important trading and industrial towns.

Vista sul Castello Svevo (


A city just waiting to be discovered and explored, it offers visitors magical views from its intricate labyrinth of tortuous narrow streets. The province of Cosenza is characterised by many interesting sites, going from the slopes of the Apennines, which cross the whole of the region, to magnificent seaside resorts facing onto both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas.

Isola Capo Rizzuto (foto della Regione Calabria)


The fertile terrain and wealth of water led to the area being chosen by Greek colonists to extend their Empire. In the province of Crotone there are many places suitable for those wishing to spend a light-hearted holiday exploring the magnificent countryside.

Un tratto di costa calabra (


The main city of Calabria is known for its wind (vento in Italian), velvet and San Vitaliano. In the province of the city there are tourist resorts and typical towns, such as Lamezia Terme, Squillace and Soverato.

Il mare cristallino di Capo Vaticano (foto della Regione Calabria)


Over the years Vibo Valentia has developed considerably between the medieval village and the port. The province of Vibo Valentia, like other Calabrian provinces, is characterised by the beauty of its coast and coastal towns, offering uniquely fascinating holidays to tourists from all over the world.